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Beginnings in the Land of the Rising Sun

Urban Family Bikes NZ was born from the Japanese concept, 'mamachari'. Bicycles that are a central way of life in Japan -  the place we called home some time ago. 

I was a new mum with a busy baby who thrived on burning energy, getting out and about and being nosey. I was also missing my pre-mum freedom to exercise and be outdoors with ease. Once we bought our mamachari bike, life as a parent changed for the better. From then on I rode that bike daily with my toddler in the front -  we rode for transport and also just for leisure. The greatest part was that my son loved being on the bike as much as me!

The family grew, fast forward a couple of years and I now had my two young boys seated safely in front and behind me. On family rides one kid was on each bike with my husband and I riding together. I rode the boys to kindy on the mamachari, I did my groceries by bike using the seats converted to shopping bag carriers, I rode to every park in town with the boys and everything else in between. We had a car, but only used it for long trips. Rain or shine, we went by bike! I look back very fondly on the time we spent cycling around our town in Japan. These bikes gave our family a lot of freedom, exercise and happiness. 

We returned to NZ with our precious bikes in tow, and incorporated this mode of transport to our new found life in Papamoa Beach. I rode the local streets with our newest addition - baby daughter in the front seat, middle child went to the back and our oldest now had his ultimate freedom, riding his own bike alongside me.  

My love for the most simple joy of riding a bike was made into family friendly adventures care of this innovative bike design. Since that time I have had a vision to introduce this concept to our amazing beachside town and I am stoked after many years of research & planning to have now launched Urban Family Bikes!

I am passionate about wellbeing and for me a big part of this means freedom & outdoor adventures. As a parent, I want to be connected with our children by simple activities, away from the multitude of screens that consume our everyday life. I place value on our environment, family time, community connections and every day happiness.

Urban Family Bikes stands for all of the above. 

Live & Love the Ride!